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eLearning Course Developers

An e-learning developer is someone who:

  • Reviews the existing content
  • Rework the material to fit into an eLearning environment – one of the key tasks here is breaking the content down into module sized bites
  • Makes recommendations on how to integrate the training with existing packages
  • Designing the visual, audio and interactive components – this is really what gets your content to sing
  • Integrate eLearning with your existing Learning Management System
  • Ensures that learning outcomes meets the business outcomes
  • Post implementation review

Elearning Resources can also:

  • Do training needs analysis
  • Scope out your project for you
  • Support large IT projects with change management and business analyst support

Our Resources

We currently provide support in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, and Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

What information do we need to get started

To give you the best outcome, we need to ask a few questions first to get an idea of where you need help, and where you don’t. The key things to discuss are usually:

    • the current state of the training material (is it ready to go into a module, or do we need to go through it). We can build material from scratch, or we can use  your existing content, basically wherever you are, we can help you!
    • The LMS you use – this is actually one of the biggest cost elements. The LMS you have will define what version of SCORM you can publish into, and then what features/interactions are possible, and how the results tracking works.

To make sure this is not an issue, we include a standard assessment to identify up front your technical specifications at the beginning, and we have standard tests early in the project to make sure that when you get the final files all you do is load them up and hit play!

Our Clients:

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